CM Punk’s Weak 1st Promo Back, Randy Orton Looks Better Than Ever and More Raw Takes | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors

Fans were waiting with bated breath to hear what CM Punk would say in his return to WWE. After three hours, he arrived to deliver a fairly generic promo that seemed to toe the company line.

In both of his All Elite Wrestling return promos, he delivered passionate and inflammatory remarks about his past and future. He was unafraid to address companies and wrestlers directly.

The Best in the World reintroduced himself to the WWE Universe without the same fire. He said he was back home and back only to make money, not friends.

It’s possible he is playing it coy, setting up a quick heel turn, but fans expected the same energy he brought to his return on Saturday. He looked happy and energized in Chicago, but he looked checked out in Nashville.

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